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| News related to LME | 2007-11-23
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Please find attached news releases related to LME and M&M corp. Contents, source and date of the releases are as follows: -“Cutthroat competition rises among stevedoring companies in Incheon Port” (The Joong Bu Il Bo, i19 page, 23th Nov. 2007) -“Hanjin, Dongbu Express and M&M are registered as official LME warehouses” (Kyeong Gi Il Bo, i7 page, 23th Nov. 2007) -“Presidential candidates visit Incheon Port during the campaign” (The Kyeongin Il Bo, 3 page, 23th Nov. 2007) -“Construction of reclamation area for dredged soil is scheduled to begin in the yearend” (The I-today News, 7 page, 23th Nov. 2007) -“Dispute rises over Incheon Maritime Defense Command’s plan to move to Incheon Newport” (The I-today News, 5 page, 23th Nov. 2007) -“Construction of Incheon Northport is timely under progress” (The Kiho Ilbo, 5 page, 23th Nov. 2007) -“Tugboat labor union calls strike in Gwangyang and Yeosu Port (The Kwangju Ilbo, 13 page, 23th Nov. 2007) -“Port risk management of Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MOMAF) shows some failure” (The Kookje Daily News, 1 page, 23th Nov. 2007) -“City of Shenzhen promotes integration with city of Hong Kong (The JoongAng Ilbo, 22 page, 23th Nov. 2007) -“Operation of logistics complex in Gwangyang port hinterland commences” (The ShinA Ilbo, 15 page, 23th Nov. 2007)
Running Christmas train on the rail
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