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Incheon Center, which was appointed a Free Trade Zone in April, 2005, has yard and
general, refrigerated, and frozen warehouses managed 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.
It also maximizes customer satisfaction by providing the best services for inbound and outbound goods.
LME was established in 1877 for nonferrous metal trade such as copper, zinc, lead, tin, nickel,
aluminum and aluminum alloy which take up about 90% of the world nonferrous metal trade.
Incheon port had submitted application in Oct. 2006 and was assigned as an official LME port in Aug. 2007.
After actual inspection by LME Provider, MIGHT&MAIN. has been assigned as an official LME warehouse.
Issuing warrant
Used in futures trade and represents ownership of actual goods
Transportation, warehousing and management of goods, etc.
Domestic spot market
Incheon Center which is warehousing goods from major global LME Provider plays role as a domestic
LME spot market
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